Abstract Art Fractals

I am splicing and dicing and manipulating my paintings & photographs in a new weekly series. I am licensing these new works under a non-commercial creative commons license. This means you or anyone can freely download them and remix them or create something fresh for non-commercial use only (contact me for commercial requests).

I will be post new fractal images each Fri. at www.fractafriday.com

>> Checkout all of my psychedelic fractals

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Since 2013 I have been drowning in analog visuals. Checkout liquid dot lighting on Facebook or my liquid light shows on youtube for more of this project

Live Music Concert Paintings

Pairing my love of live music & painting, I started my Live Concert Series in June 2012. These were all done freehand with traditional mediums (acrylics, pen+ink, spraypaint) with no digital manipulation.

>> Concert paintings

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Select designs are available on iPhone cases, iPad cases, Stickers & more on Redbubble

Pen & Ink Drawings

This is a handful of drawings & sketches from my teens & early twenties that I saved or had the forethought to take a picture of.  I probably have more that I haven’t seen in 15 years hiding somewhere. Assorted mediums: pen&ink, colored pencil, marker, pencil, watercolor.

>> early work by bRiAN moSs

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